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In our online shop you will find houses, wooden models and amber from Rothenburg. 

About Art 21

Since Art 21 GmbH was founded, it has been very important to select and offer the best handmade products. We are a family company that brings its passion for handicrafts to the outside world to our customers. Our centerpieces are the hand-made miniature houses made of clay – small images of real, impressive buildings in the middle of Franconia, in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. In addition to the clay houses, there is a fine selection of products made of wood and amber from the Baltic Sea.

We are always on the lookout for new treasures that we can add to our range. Should you still have ideas for interesting products, we look forward to every suggestion. Praise, criticism, wishes everything is welcome, after all, we are also open to discovering new things for you on our way!

Your Art 21 team


Since Art 21 GmbH has been founded and it’s our mission to always look for the best handmade products and offer them to our customers. We are a family driven shop that wants to share its passion about unique art. Our core pieces are handmade miniature houses made out of clay – tiny reproductions of real and very fascinating buildings middle in german franconia (Bavaria) – in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Besides the clay-houses you will find some exquisite pieces handmade out of wood and amber from the Baltic Sea.

We are looking for new pieces to complete our line, so please contact us at anytime if you have ideas or suggestions about great products. We are open for every kind of feedback, so we can keep offer you the best.

You Art 21 team


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